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Kirsten has been my principal communications consultant for over a decade. She excels at her work in a broad spectrum, from strategic initiatives to crisis management. Kirsten is that rare contractor who is constantly working to provide value, whether you are asking her to or not. Her proactive approach, wide ranging expertise, and no-nonsense style have made her a valued asset in all of our mutual efforts. Beaman Floyd, executive director,
Texas Coalition for Affordable Insurance Solutions

“Support local journalism” should also mean that media outlets pay a decent wage to those in the newsroom. Was having a discussion about this today with the editor who hired me for my first job at $285/week and was underpaid himself. Even then it barely covered the necessities.A Maryland reporter's tweet says a lot about the salaries of local journalists: ... See MoreSee Less

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Local journalism is critical - without it, the public might never know about major issues that impact them, such as the Flint water crises. About 1,300 communities are "news deserts" - they have lost all news coverage. This video shows some of the great journalism work going on, the threats to it, and what can be done to protect it. The video is a little long (you can tell it was made by print folks), but give it a watch. ... See MoreSee Less

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Sometimes the most effective voices at the Texas Capitol aren't lobbyists or big CEOs, but citizens who take the time to travel to Austin to testify passionately on an issue they care about. Democracy in action!Amazing Girl Scouts from Plano joined our executive director Holly Algreen McDaniel (second from right) to testify today in support of House Bill 311 to exempt period supplies from the sales tax in Texas. Thanks to State Rep. Donna Howard (third from right) for championing this bill. Period products are necessities, not luxuries. Removing the sales tax is both a health and economic benefit for Texas families. ... See MoreSee Less

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