Case studies

Texas Coalition for Affordable Insurance Solutions (TCAIS)
March 2016 –

With TTARA’s communications director primarily tasked with membership communication, K. Voinis Communications was asked to generate media coverage of TTARA research and white papers; create or strengthen TTARA’s relationships with the media; oversee and boost TTARA’s social media presence; and position TTARA with the media as a voice of authority on tax policy issues. As a result, stories mentioning TTARA and/or its research or TTARA authored op/eds have been featured in every Texas major daily newspaper, a number of smaller Texas daily newspapers, business publications, Capital Tonight (Spectrum News), KUT (NPR Austin) and other outlets. Coverage also has drawn attention to TTARA’s work by the Capitol audience and demonstrated the value of TTARA membership to its dues-paying members. Enhanced social media activity has grown TTARA’s following significantly.

Texas Coalition for Affordable Insurance Solutions (TCAIS)
May 2008 –

K. Voinis Communications is part of a public affairs team hired by TCAIS, a coalition of the largest property and casualty insurance companies in Texas, to promote – to lawmakers, media and the public – its public policy objectives to improve insurance affordability and accessibility in Texas. KVC helped steer TCAIS through 2009 and 2011 legislative sessions that included a Sunset review of the Texas Department of Insurance and other challenges to the stability and competitiveness of the insurance marketplace. In 2015, TCAIS turned its focus to the impact to consumers of hailstorm-related homeowners insurance claim litigation; legislation to limit these lawsuits passed in 2017. With insurance continuing to remain a major state concern, KVC works with local, statewide and industry media to promote a better understanding of insurance issues and the consequences of proposed insurance legislation. KVC also creates and distributes a variety of media outreach materials, including news releases, letters-to-the-editor and op/eds; produces newsletter and website content on monthly spotlight issues; and is responsible for TCAIS social media content.

Smoke-Free Texas/Texans Investing in Healthy Families
November 2002 – May 2007; February 2008 – June 2009

Saving Texans’ lives by controlling the use of tobacco is the goal of both Smoke-Free Texas and Texans Investing in Healthy Families, both coalitions of health and education groups in Texas. Texans Investing in Healthy Families (November 2002-June 2005) successfully advocated an increase in the state’s cigarette tax; Smoke-Free Texas (January 2007-present) continues to promote a statewide comprehensive smoke-free law. In both campaigns, K. Voinis Communications’ role focused on two fronts – media outreach and legislator education. Materials developed included numerous fact sheets, information kits, news releases, letters-to-the-editor and op/eds. KVC also participated in the development of the overall campaign strategy (in addition to media strategy), which has shifted during the campaigns.