• Strategic Planning and Consulting

    We work with you to determine which communications strategies will best help achieve your overall objectives and goals. Once a course of action is identified, we move to execute it.

  • Collateral Material

    Message beyond the media – we pump up your policy advocacy with fact sheets/one pagers, talking points, informational packets, third-party materials and more.

  • Message Development

    Defining what you want to say – then saying it effectively – is the first step and foundation of every campaign.

  • Social Media

    In today’s digital world, social media is no longer just an option. It’s a vital part of your communication toolbox to amplify your message and influence the conversation online.

  • Communications Plans and Strategies

    We’ll draw you a detailed, individualized road map of where you want to go, and how you’ll get there.

  • Media Training

    Talking to the media doesn’t have to be scary! With training, spokespeople, officials, board members or others can skillfully articulate and stay on-message during media interviews, news conferences or other events.

  • Media Relations

    We get you coverage by defining and managing your story, approaching the right journalists at the right time, understanding the media’s needs and interests, and knowing when to be proactive as well as when and how to react – on message and on time. Deadlines no longer exist in this 24-hour news cycle world

  • Partnerships

    Pairing K. Voinis Communications with your lobby or governmental affairs team adds a new dimension to your advocacy.

  • Media Materials

    We translate even the most complex of issues into clear, concise language, then drive home your message with news releases, opinion columns, letters-to-the-editor, fact sheets and media kits.